Program Benefits

Well done for being brave enough to start seeking out options for a life in recovery.

Recovery can be scary; you might feel like you are losing the one thing that you can control. The very thing that was your go-to, your “stability”.

The truth is that you will not actually lose anything worth keeping. You will lose the anxiety, chaos, lies, manipulation, sick days, confusion, and everything else that is holding you back.

The journey of Recovery is about growing and gaining. Gaining back what addiction has taken, like:

Your Self- Respect,

Trust from others,

Your relationships,

Your health,

Your Wealth,

Your Mind,

Your will to live!

Read further if you would like to find out how?


You get to live at home, still work and start winning back your life one day at a time.

The program is run in such a way that you get to practice and actually work the tools that you have been given, over a longer period of time. Sustainability in recovery can only be measured in SOBER time. Hence why the program runs for a minimum of 20 weeks.

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You can view this as a Master class in self-development.

The program consists of 20 weeks (or longer if you so choose) of intensive learning, upskilling.

These are the Key modules covered:

  • Life Recovery Plan – Active plan that you keep on updating as you get stronger in your recovery.

  • Comprehending addiction – Understanding why and how addiction got a hold of you in the first place.

  • Working a program – getting equipped with tools to be able to sustain recovery, long after your time with us has ended.

  • Emotional intelligence – Tools to help you understand and manage your emotions effectively.

  • Building Self-esteem – Healthy self-esteem is key to your Recovery

  • Mind Masters – Simply, He who masters his mind, Masters his life.

  • Anger Management – learning how to respond instead of reacting

  • Problem-solving – This will help you solve problems at home, at work, and within your own life

  • Healthy Boundaries – for yourself, your family, friends, and in the work-space



These modules are run in a small group setting on Wednesdays via ZOOM from 15:00-17:00


In-Person on Thursdays from 15:00-17:00 in Midrand

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This looks like a small group, community group (Maybe even NA or AA type but with goal-driven content) – where you will build friendships and learn from others further on the journey than you. In these groups, you will find freedom, accountability, connection.


Mondays 19:00 Via ZOOM


Tuesdays 19:00 in Person in Midrand

Support Groups can be attended indefinitely.


Where counseling generally deals with an individual's past in order to heal emotional pain, coaching helps guide the individual's current and future behaviour and decisions through difficult conversations and accountability. The focus of a coaching relationship is on helping the individual to decide on the best course of action to take to achieve their envisioned future.

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